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Völker hört die Signale! Gestern der Irak, heute Libyen, morgen Syrien und dann die ganze Welt! Das ist der Kriegsschrei der „Neuen Weltordnung“ und gleichzeitig die Abkehr von Menschlichkeit und das Ignorieren von Völkerrecht und UN-Charta! Fallt denen in die Arme, die das Töten von Menschen zur Alltäglichkeit werden lassen wollen! Es dient nur Wenigen und nicht Euch! Steht endlich auf und lasst euch nicht belügen! Rettet die Humanität und kämpft für eine friedliche Erde! Der Mensch ist das Maß aller Dinge und nicht die Wenigen, die über Leichenberge ihre Interessen durchsetzen wollen!

Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Syrians Recovering Bodies from Rubble of Bombed Apartment Building

New HD video from Syria shows a guy riding down a deserted road only to drive into the aftermath of some sort of explosion. Guy then films the Syrian people working together to recover children’s bodies from the rubble.
This video somehow feels much more intimate than any of the thousands of videos we’ve seen from Syria so far. This one really shows how devastating war is and how people have nothing but one another in times of war.
Another depressing realization that hits you from the video is how people are no longer phased by the destruction of war. The victims were their neighbors – people they knew or at minimum recognized as someone who lived in the neighborhood. Yet they’ve clearly already seen so much death, nothing can get to them anymore. They know they could be next at any time.
The video also shows an immense loss to property. I’m sure these people don’t have much to spare and now they’d lost even more. Several cars can be seen destroyed in the video but with a number of apartments taken down, everything that people owned was clearly destroyed. I saw a children’s bicycle there too – crushed by the rubble.
The government has a huge army of mercenaries to fight. They can’t afford to waste their dwindling resources on civilians. And it certainly can’t be of any interest to them to demolish targets which are not of strategic importance to the terrorists lest they’ll be stuck with the need to rebuild them. There is already so much for them to rebuild, adding anything to it would go completely against their own interests.
The terrorists on the other hand – they are paid to deliver death and destruction and capture it on camera. Civilian casualties are specifically desired and since military supplies are not an issue, they can keep the death and destruction happening at all times.
(Best Gore)

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